The Best Winter Jackets and Raincoats for Dogs

Frequently asked questions

How do I pick the right coat for my dog?

To find the best winter dog coat for your puppy, consider your climate and your dog’s size and shape. For cooler weather, choose a warm dog coat. If it’s raining but not too cold, non-insulated is a good choice. If your dog needs a coat that is both warm and rainproof, choose a non-insulating coat. Each coat has different sizing instructions, depending on your pet’s length, bust width, or a combination of these and other factors. So be sure to measure your dog carefully before ordering to make sure you get one that fits.

When should a dog wear a coat?

The temperature at which a dog needs a coat depends on the breed, size, shape, and length of fur. Smaller short-haired dogs, such as Chihuahuas, can benefit from jackets in winter or year-round in northern latitudes.

In cold, wet weather, you want to take your dog out for a quick pee, or a short trip with your dog might be cold for your best friend. A warm jacket will ensure they stay warm, whether they’re urinating outside or extending hours on a dog run.

If it rains or snows, dogs with thick coats can get soaked very quickly – this can chill animals further and put them at risk of hypothermia. For humid climates, an outer layer is probably best, as a wet coat can be worse than no coat.

If you live where wet and cold weather conditions are part of the normal season, a dog jacket can also benefit your dog’s physical and mental health. Dog owners may leave their dogs inside more often during inclement weather, but missing regular walks and play can be stressful for dogs. Jackets allow for longer walks and outdoor play.

Hence the need for a well-fitting jacket. An ill-fitting jacket may not keep the dog warm and dry; they can even scratch or injure the dog. Most dog jacket manufacturers provide sizing guides, using measurements for length (collar to tail), girth (behind the front legs, around the dog’s widest point), and occasional weight.

To find the best winter coat for your dog!