What is the best bed for a dog?
The best bed for your dog depends on their needs.

When it came time to buy a new bed for her dog, Jenna was stumped. Should she get a cuddler-style bed for her lazy golden retriever, or go with a longer and wider lounger bed for her German shepherd? And what about those dogs who love to stretch out? Maybe they need an elevated dog […]

The Best Dog Collar

What a dog collar is for Any dogs that leaves the house or that could potentially escape from its home (and realistically, that’s all dogs) need a collar with owner contact info on tags and written on the collar itself (either stitched or in Sharpie). Consider your dog’s everyday collar its first line of defense […]

The Best Winter Jackets and Raincoats for Dogs

Frequently asked questions How do I pick the right coat for my dog? To find the best winter dog coat for your puppy, consider your climate and your dog’s size and shape. For cooler weather, choose a warm dog coat. If it’s raining but not too cold, non-insulated is a good choice. If your dog […]

Using a water fountain can help encourage hydration, which in turn reduces the burden on your cat’s kidneys!

“It is very important that our pets have access to fresh, clean water in their daily routines to ensure adequate hydration throughout their lifetimes.” If your pet is a reluctant or picky drinker, a filtering water fountain can help encourage healthier hydration habits by keeping water fresh and debris-free. It also reduces your workload because […]

Automatically Feeds Your Pet On Time

Automatic Pet Feeder takes care of your pet by feeding it on a schedule, so you can relax and enjoy your time away from home. Cat and Dog owners may manage the amount of food their cat receives by utilizing an automatic feeder, which allows them to know exactly how often their pet is fed. […]

Are you still worried about your dog’s disobedience?
training collars to make dogs better.

When I got my new dog, I was so excited. But I quickly realized that he was a lot more disobedient than my last dog. I tried everything to get him to listen – treats, praise, even taking away his toys – but nothing worked. I was starting to get really frustrated until my friend […]


Modern-day benefits of pet ownership Most people out there know the immediate joys that pets bring to your lives. But, little do people know about the health, physical and mental benefits a pet brings with them. Recent research has been towards exploring the benefits a human-animal bond brings to one’s life and it is quite […]

8 Steps To Improve Your Dog’s Alone Time

We wish our dogs to accompany us everywhere we go. Unfortunately, it’s an impossible task. Helping your puppy or new dog adjust to being alone is vital teaching they need to learn in the very early stages of their life. If they never learn how to do this, you are bound to end up with […]