Automatically Feeds Your Pet On Time

Automatic Pet Feeder takes care of your pet by feeding it on a schedule, so you can relax and enjoy your time away from home. Cat and Dog owners may manage the amount of food their cat receives by utilizing an automatic feeder, which allows them to know exactly how often their pet is fed. It simplifies cat and dog care and eliminates worries about overfeeding or a pet sitter forgetting to feed a kitten and puppy.

  • Set meal times and portions in advance
  • Encourage healthy weight with portion control
  • Slow feed options for eager eaters
  • Feed your pet from your phone

Top reviews from the United States

  • As we’ve recently gotten into RV camping and leaving the house for several days, our dog needed to be fed when we were gone without leaving a number of bowls filled for her. I researched and decided to try the wifi smart feeder. I like this feeder due to capacity of the holding tank or ‘grain barrel’ as described in their instructions. Six liter capacity is a lot of food. It can operate on both A/C and/or battery power. I first tried battery but the 3 size D batteries just didn’t last very long. I attribute the battery drain to being wifi controlled and the unit forever looking for an electronic command. A/C works great. The App designed to work with the feeder is really nice and intuitive. You can manually feed with the app or there is also a feed button on the feeder itself. The best part of the app for me was being able to set a schedule when I wanted the food released and of course you can also determine the amount to be food to be served each time. A serving portion is called a ‘copy’ and is about ¼ of a cup. So if you wanted the device to dispense ½ a cup of dry food then you would request 2 copies for that particular serving. Pairing the feeder to my home wifi was relatively simple although it took me two tries to get it to connect. An added feature is a voice recording function where you can record you own voice to play each time the feeder dispenses. Rather novel but may help getting your pet used to the feeder. This device has performed well and works beyond my expectations. I have no problem recommending this feeder with a 5 star rating.

  • We have a dog that is prone to overeating, and this solves the problem perfectly. She’ll eat everything we put in front of her and she’s huge, so we can’t just leave food out all day when we’re gone. This unit can dispense the amount you choose on the schedule you choose, and it is very easy to program and use through the user-friendly app. It also enables you to use your smartphone from anywhere you may happen to be to remotely tell it to serve a portion, so if you had thought you would be home to feed your pet but became unexpectedly delayed you could feed your pet remotely. It will play your voice on a pre-recorded message as it dispenses, as a way of alerting your pet that “dinner is served”. this is a well built and reliable product that makes our human lives much free-er. I did not bother with a pic because it seems other reviewers have provided plenty. Feel confident ordering this, I’ve had mine for about a month and it works exactly as advertised.

  • During christmas hoilday, my family need to go to the ski village for three days, so I used this for my dog, hoping that she can have food to eat at home. It is very easy to assemble and set the feeder, and the food can be delivered regularly. I also installed a camera at home to make sure my dog always has food. Otherwise I can call my friend to save her. Luckily, the feeder works well and I am very happy to buy this product.I think it is also useful for the family who would like to have weight control for the dog. The feeder is very easy to set up. You can also manually add some extra food. I also love the lockup design at the top.It works with both ac power and battery power! In all, I love it.

About this item

APP FOOD TIMER : Enabled your automatic cat feeder with a 2.4GHz WiFi, whether you are at a party, traveling, or on a business trip, you can feed your love pets anywhere at anytime by the “Tuya Smart” APP and control the meals and portions per day. It also allows you to remote change the schedules and amount of food feeding. Even more, you can share the feeder with your friends and family and let them help to take care your cats or dogs when are not available.

RECORD A 10S CUSTOMIZED MEAL CALLING MESSAGE: Press and hold the record button to start recording a 10S voice message that will be played each dispense food for calling your pets come to eat, keep a healthy eating habits!

PRECISE FEEDING PORTIONS AND FOOD TIMER: This automatic dog dispenser can be scheduled up to 1-10 meals a day, 1 to 12 portions per meal by dry food with the pellet size in 2-10 mm. And 7g(Appr. 1/10 cup=2 tbsp) for 1 portion, Feed the right amount according to your pets regular needs.

KEEP FRESH AND SAFETY LOCK-LID : With translucent hopper, you can see the remaining food clearly without having to open the lid. So this will remind you to replenish food into the auto cat feeder in time. The secure lock-lid to prevent pets from accessing stored food.

DUAL POWER SUPPLY FOR SECURE FEEDING: This auto dog food dispenser can be powered by a DC 5V adapter normal or by 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (NOT included) as backup power supply . When instal the batteries, even if the power adapter or WIFI is out of connection, the pets feeder can still continue to feed your pet according to the feeding timer on the APP.


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